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We are a clinic that cares about your recovery from addiction and is well trained and experienced in opiate addiction treatment with Suboxone.
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Opioid Addiction

Opioid Addiction is a national epidemic which is severely affecting our state of Ohio. It may start with pills innocently prescribed by a physician for pain but lead then to a severe life threatening condition if not treated. Early treatment is best.→ Learn More

Multiple Addictions

Many addicts are addicted to more than one substance or habit, such as cigarettes, cocaine or gambling. Our clinic will help assess and treat all your addictions, but we specialize in the treatment of opiate addiction with Suboxone. → Learn More

Mental Illnesses

Sometimes there are co-occurring mental illnesses which complicate the recovery from an addiction. Dr. Fettman is a Board Certified Addiction Psychiatrist, Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. He can diagnose and treat the co-occurring mental illness. → Learn More

Coordinate Treatment With Other Doctors

Sometimes an opiate addict may, for example, need an operation which will require use of opiate pain medications. Dr. Fettman will work with your surgeon, for example, in coordinating your surgical treatment with your addiction recovery treatment so that you stay on track. → Learn More

Referrals to Other Medical Services

Dr. Fettman is a Medical Doctor, having graduated from the Ohio State University College of Medicine in 1973. He is knowledgeable in medical illnesses and can help refer you to a local physician if you are in need of specific services or general services, like a personal internist or family doctor. → Learn More

Medication Adjustments

Dr. Fettman will advise you in a personalized treatment plan which includes, if you wish, dose reductions in medication so that you can come off Suboxone with the least amount of difficulty, when it is possible within your recovery program. → Learn More