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What Is Subutex?

Subutex is the brand name for a prescription medication made use of in dealing with those addicted to opioids, unlawful or prescription. It has the active ingredients buprenorphine, a partial opioid agonist, which obstructs the opiate receptors and also lowers a person’s urges and withdrawl symptoms connected with an opioid dependency. .

Subutex has actually come to be the recommended treatment medicine for opioid addiction. It is currently made use of more than methadone, which can be addictive.

Unlike other opioid substitute medicines that call for a prescription from a specific treatment center, Subutex can be prescribed by your physician. Lots of people use Subutex at the beginning of therapy, along with in continuing treatment as well as recovery. Your physician or addiction counselor can help you come up with a tailored treatment plan.

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Is Subutex used to treat pain?

Doctors can even prescribe Subutex if it’s for pain, not addiction, but it would be an off-label use since the FDA has not approved Subutex specifically for pain control. (If it’s for an opioid use disorder, then physicians have to qualify for a special waiver to prescribe Suboxone.


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